Chris Augustus is the pharmacist at Bardwell Pharmacy. He’s living in Paducah and is glad to return from Lexington and Virginia where he went to school. iMeet this native foodie that bleeds blue and juggles his three little girls.

Welcome to iList, Chris. Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am a pharmacist at Bardwell Pharmacy – which is in Bardwell of course.  I’m a Paducah native - born and raised here, and proud graduate of Heath High School. From high school, I went on to West Kentucky Community & Technical College & then the University of Kentucky for my undergrad.  I was then accepted to Appalachian College of Pharmacy in Oakwood, Virginia.  Immediately after graduation my wife and I decided to move back home and have no plans of leaving again.

Tell us more about your family - including your furry ones…

I spend my life surrounded by beautiful girls! I married my high school sweetheart Leslie, who has been my amazing wife of 11 years. She keeps me in check. We have three beautiful daughters: Elle, Aubrey, and Caelyn. To balance things out we have two boy dogs, Boston a hound, and our newest addition, Louis, a labradoodle. Boston has submitted to the girls’ dominance, and Louis is like a real-life stuffed animal. 


What drew you into the pharmacy world?

My friend Matt worked at the local Walmart pharmacy after we graduated high school, and they were hiring so he asked me if I would be interested in a job. I was working at a restaurant at the time and needed a change of scenery. Once I started there I just fell in love with the profession.  Seeing the impact that the pharmacist there had on the patients pushed me to go on and pursue a career as a pharmacist.

Where did you work before? How did you end up owning your own pharmacy?

I worked at Walmart and Rite Aid as a pharmacy technician and intern. After I graduated pharmacy school I moved back to the area and worked at Walgreens in Metropolis, Illinois.  I spent seven wonderful years there with some of the best people I have ever worked with.  Something was still missing though as I had always dreamed of owning my own store. 

Opportunity came knocking in June of 2017 when my partner Shawn Boaz decided to add a second store in his hometown of Clinton - which led him to pursue a partnership at the Bardwell store. My friend and now coworker, Dwane, referred me to Shawn and the rest is history. The funny part of the story is once Shawn and I met we realized we already knew each other from our days at WKCTC.


What do you think sets your pharmacy apart from others in our area?

I think it’s our relationships with patients and providers. We operate in a small, rural town which gives us the opportunity to get to know those we serve on a more personal level. We are on a first name basis with most people that walk through the door and are invested in their lives and the community. 

iMeetThe people we serve are not only patients, they are truly friends and family. Also, being an independent pharmacy, we are able to provide many services that are lost with some of the bigger chains. We can deliver to people who can't get out, or we stay late, or come in after hours when needed. 

Living in Paducah and working in Bardwell also allows us to serve a larger area, as I am in both places almost every day of the week. We serve patients all the way from Reidland to Wickliffe.

If you had the chance to bring ONE food place to the area that we don’t have, what would it be?

BDs Mongolian Grill. It was a place we loved back in college and is really a fun food experience. You basically just fill a bowl with as much meat, vegetables, and sauces you can possibly fit and they cook it in front of you on a huge circle grill. I’d make a trip back to Lexington just for that.

I’ve heard you are a sports fan; what do you like and who are your teams?

My family and I bleed a lot of blue! We are die hard Cats and Colts fans! Basketball and football are my two favorite sports to watch. Watching golf gets me by in the off season...those guys are unbelievable.  

What are some of your favorite guilty pleasures?

iMeetI am a pretty big foodie. I love going to the local restaurants such as Freight House and enjoying the unique and delicious dishes the chefs come up with. I also enjoy the specials at Just Hamburgers, the food they make is incredible. Bardwell has its fair share of great local flavors as well in 51 Grill and Carol's Restaurant. To work off some of that food, I also like to hack my way around the golf course and hunt and fish from time to time.

Do you have any hidden talents that you want the world to know about?

I can juggle! And I don’t mean just juggling my three little girls, I’m also trying to master that. I also enjoy getting in the kitchen myself and seeing what I can cook up. My wife is amazing at making cakes, and I like to think I can throw down on the grill, stove, or anything in between.

A juggling pharmacist!  Well we’re really glad to iMeet you this week, Chris. Good luck with your business ventures and thank you for coming home to serve our community.