Chrystal Garber is a nurse who has followed her dreams and opened her own food truck which serves her award-winning BBQ. She is passionate about food, and therefore, her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. You may see her fixed up sometimes, but her go-to look is jeans and a ball cap. iMeet this lovely local lady who takes care of and feeds others!

Welcome to iMeet, Crystal - Tell us about yourself and your family...

I was born in Illinois but have been a resident of western Kentucky since around the age of five. My family is pretty small, which means we are very close-knit and always in constant contact. I have two children….one a human and one a fur baby!


Tell us about your business Pigtails BBQ... 

My business, Pigtails BBQ, like the name entails, specializes in pulled pork. However, it is very common to see a variety of items, outside of BBQ, on our menu at any given time. The crowd favorites range from Pig Pies to Tofu Tacos! My “real” job is technically nursing, and my “fun” job is owning a food truck!


Where can we catch your food truck?

The food truck sets up at a variety of locations here in town. The best way to keep track of the truck and its hours is by following our Facebook page.


Is Pigtails your full time job?

iMeetWhen I first opened Pigtails, I was a full-time nurse at Lourdes Hospital. I had made the decision to do this on the side as a hobby. However, over time, I have gotten more and more into it and have the hopes of eventually being able to make it my full-time gig. While I will always be passionate about being a nurse, it’s also nice to explore other creative avenues along the way.

Favorite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday is *drumroll*…. THANKSGIVING! Are you surprised?! Thanksgiving is the absolute best holiday because it gives an opportunity for families to come together without the stress of spending boo coos of money, or pressure of finding the perfect gift. Instead of letting materialistic things get in the way, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to enjoy one another’s company and stuff your bellies while you’re at it. And I (clearly) have a thing for good food :-)

iMeetWhat are you most proud of as a mother and business owner?

I feel as though I could narrow both topics down to one word…accomplishments. I am proud of the accomplishments of my daughter, who has recently graduated with high distinction from the University of Kentucky and dove head first into a business venture of her own. I am also thrilled of the accomplishments of Pigtails, and the crew that makes it all possible.

Last year was our second year competing in BBQ on the River and we won first place in pulled pork (after only two years) and placed highly in various other categories. For me, being such a newbie on the scene, I am still beaming over how well we did and that the community loved what we had to offer.  

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I’m not at the hospital or the food truck, I like to kick back and relax. I am an avid reader and could spend hours on end curled up with a good book. My favorites tend to be about something vampire/fantasy creature related. I just love the suspense!


Also, my television hardly ever leaves the ID Channel…in fact, it has been left on that channel so much so that the little ID icon is permanently burned into the screen.

Do you 'fix-up' everywhere you go or are you more of a jeans and ball cap kind of gal?

As far as personal style, I am definitely a jeans and ball cap kinda gal. While I do enjoy dressing up occasionally, my standard look is typically some type of athletic wear. What can I say, I’m a sucker for comfy/cute! 


We really enjoyed getting to know you this week, Crystal. Thanks for letting iList readers know about your award winning BBQ - we’ll be looking out for that food truck!