WKCTC Student of the Year

May is Teacher Appreciation month, and iList is devoting the iMeets to education. Gavin Posey is a WKCTC student who has had plenty of teachers he appreciated. He was recently named “WKCTC’s Student of the Year” and couldn’t be more thrilled. He will be transferring to Murray State University this fall. iMeet this exemplary student!


Welcome to iMeet, Gavin. Tell us about yourself...

Paducah, Kentucky has been my home for twenty years. I grew up in the Lone Oak school system and attended Hendron Lone Oak Elementary and Lone Oak Middle. From there, I attended the last year of Lone Oak High, and graduated in the third class of McCracken County High.


Enrolling at West Kentucky Community and Technical College has been a blessing, in part, because I have had the opportunity to continue adding to our community here at home. Because this is my last semester at WKCTC, I will take what I have learned from my experiences to Murray State University.

iMeetWe hear you are a triplet!

Growing up, I was known as one of the Posey Triplets. Mason, my brother, and Brooke, my sister, were always in my same groups. I can remember one year of recreational soccer when we chose the numbers 1, 2, and 3 - in order of our birth. I’m the youngest, so I also grew up as the baby. Since then, Mason and Brooke have let up on the fact that I’m the youngest!


And you’re a soccer player…

iMeetMy childhood was spent reading and playing sports. I began playing soccer when I was four years old. My soccer career wrapped up my senior year of high school; my friends try to get me to play every now and then, but I’m usually busy with assignments or extracurricular activities. My friends know I promised to play a game or two before I transfer to Murray next semester. I also ran cross country and track for a number of years.

We hear that WKCTC is a family tradition…

iMeetMy family always has something going on. Mason, Brooke, and I are in our second year of school at WKCTC. Mason and I will graduate this May with Associate in Science degrees. Brooke will graduate in a year with an Associate in Applied Science for Nursing. My dad, Scott, has begun his first semester at WKCTC studying Computer and Information Technologies. Attending the community college is somewhat of a family tradition; my mom finished two years of school at Paducah Community College, as did my nana, Elaine Smith.

What have you been studying at WKCTC?

iMeetI am earning an Associate in Science in a little over a week! The commencement ceremony will be on May 5th, and I have been asked to speak at both ceremonies because of my selection on the KCTCS All-Academic Team. Megan Truitt and I will both speak.

Next semester, I will attend MSU. This is a big change for me, and I am excited to try something different. I will study Organizational Communication and look to graduate with a Bachelor of Science. I’m the second in the family to attend MSU - my mom graduated with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.

So, you were recently named WKCTC's Student of the Year recently. Congrats! What was it like to receive the award?

I have been humbled to receive Student of the Year at WKCTC. My past year, especially, has prepared me to be a better leader. Coming into WKCTC, I was not as engaged, was not sure what I wanted to get involved in, and did not fully know what I was capable of achieving. With much support, I have seen myself and others around me develop.


Our community and technical college enables students to become the best versions of themselves, and I am one of many stories of our institution’s continued success. Through recognition as Student of the Year, I feel that my efforts in leading the student body have been successful, and student leadership will continue to improve once my tenure on campus is through.

What advice would you give to other students entering college?

As I near the end of my education here in Paducah, I would share to those looking to transfer after completing their credential to enjoy their time at home. I mentioned earlier how I have been fortunate to share an extra two years with my family, enjoy homemade meals, watch TV together, and enjoy each other’s company.

Murray isn’t that far away, but it’ll be a transition to me. I tell my friends my brother has been my best roommate since we’ve shared a room with each other for 20 years!


In addition to this, I have made efforts, over the past year especially, for students at our college to enjoy the ride. School is likely stressful for most students. Finding a group of friends you can learn from and enjoy being around means the world. If you need some help, just come by the Student Government office inside the Student Center!

Last, students should know the employees at our school care about our successes as students. I shared in a different article earlier in the semester about being at WKCTC, as a student, as faculty, or as staff, means you are committed to achieving great things. We all grow together.


What do you like to do in your free time?

Lately, I have been trying to make time to read. The book I am reading right now is Profiles in Courage by President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy wrote this book before his Presidency as a means of showing acts of courage from senators he admired. At the time, Kennedy was a recently appointed senator of Massachusetts. I enjoy reading about those Kennedy admired, because Kennedy was an admirable man himself.

What was your favorite class at WKCTC?

iMeetMy favorite course across four semesters at WKCTC has been Basic Public Speaking. I tried so hard to be funny in my speeches, and I’m not sure I did that well. One day, I brought in cookies for a demonstration speech - I learned most people preferred food over laughter.

The course helped me come out of my shell and feel more confident about speaking in front of large groups. With newfound confidence, I found myself in positions including: president of the Student Government Association, vice president of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, and a student ambassador of WKCTC. My biggest elected position was becoming student co-president and regent of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. Without enrolling in Basic Public Speaking my first semester, I’m not sure I would have tried applying myself to this capacity.

If you had to say who has been your most important role model, who would it be?

It is very difficult to single out one role model for me. My biggest role models have always been my parents. I have so much to learn from both of my parents, and I believe as I have grown over the past two years, they have grown with me. My whole family supports me and I’m very thankful for it.

You have one day to spend doing all the things that make you happiest. Tell us about that day…

iMeetMy perfect day would start early. My closest friends and I would drive somewhere new to make it to a concert. Obviously, we would have close seats and get there early. This is all while checking out the city and seeing new places. After this, I would head to a NBA game. The Los Angeles Clippers were my favorite team until this year. One of the pictures I shared is of me and Doc Rivers, a former Clipper and current head coach of the organization. Now, I root for Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets - I guess that makes me a bandwagon fan. After this, I would just enjoy socializing with friends and family. I’m happiest when I can slow down and enjoy what’s around me. Because it’s my day, my friends and family would join me for Gold Rush cafe’s bread pudding waffles and bacon, followed by cookies at Kirchhoff’s. How can you have a bad day after waffles and cookies?