Kacie Slack is the latest addition to the food truck craze in Paducah. She's opened Peak Nine Coffeehouse. Yes, it’s caffeine of wheels! This former barista at Etcetera Coffee takes her show on the road to give our area more access to high quality beverages. Peak Nine is named after a mountain range where she and her husband spent their honeymoon. iMeet this Netflix obsessed mobile caffeine junkie!

Hi, Kacie! Welcome to iMeet. Tell us about yourself and your family…

iMeetI was born and raised here in Paducah! I went to Lone Oak schools and then got my Bachelor’s degree at Murray State. I’ve been married to my husband Alex for three years, and we have an adorable toy poodle named Jango Fett that keeps us on our toes. 

Tell us about your business, Peak Nine Coffeehouse...

Peak Nine Coffeehouse is a mobile cafe (we call it caffeine on wheels!) I was a barista at Etcetera Coffee in Lowertown a few years ago, and I loved the occupation. It was scientific but also artistic, and I enjoyed the combination of that and the people I worked with. I took a “big kid job” and left, and since that happened I always missed slinging coffee... so I somehow came full circle and opened this!


What gave you the idea to have a coffeehouse on wheels? 

My in-laws had an old beat up truck in their yard for years. I always saw potential in it, and so I begged to make it a food truck. Once they said yes, I knew I wanted to go back to my roots and do a coffee truck. I could make it more personable and creative than normal trucks - it didn’t need all of the stainless steel and white. I could actually made it look like a Coffeehouse, which was a super unique concept to me.

iMeetWhat's the origin of the name of the business?

My husband and I had our honeymoon in Breckenridge, Colorado which rests on Peak Nine of the mountain range.

What kind of things, besides coffee, do you sell?

We have coffee, espresso drinks, iced coffee, hot tea, chai, tea lattes, and other specials on occasion. We would love to eventually serve a very small food menu this fall.

Where do you typically park to sell? How can people find out where you will be?

We park all over. We’ve been all around midtown, outside places like Dirt Road, Treasure Tree, Crash Comics, and The Sugar Whisk. We’ve also made our way to places like Banks Market and Four Rivers Harley. We also do events like weddings and conferences, too We’ll even be at BBQ on the River this week right beside the judge’s tent.It’s best to follow us on social media, Peak Nine Coffeehouse on Facebook or @peakninecoffee on Instagram 

What's your favorite coffee drink?

My go-to is a standard pour over or cold brew (I’m pretty boring haha!). But as far as our menu goes, we have a Mint Julep latte that I make on occasion. It’s unique and delicious! 

How have patrons received your truck? 

We were super nervous starting out. We are one of only a handful of food trucks around, so Paducah was either going to receive us or dismiss it. But it’s been a pleasant success so far. The community has been so receptive and we already have loyal customers and lots of referrals, as well as event inquiries. We only have two weekends available for the rest of this year! 


What other jobs have you done before now?

iMeetI feel like I’ve done everything haha! I worked in a couple of nonprofit settings, I’ve been an optometric technician, a freelance artist, worked in an English as a Second Language (ESL) office with international students, and even served at Cracker Barrel in Murray for a spell. Owning a food truck has definitely been my favorite.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m a huge TV fan. I love Netflix, Hulu and Star Wars :-)  My husband and I also love going to concerts or shows, and traveling to places and experiencing different cities. My grandma and I also love to sew when we get the chance.


Watching any worthy shows currently that you would recommend?

iMeetOh, you have asked the wrong person! Handmaid’s Tale is incredible, and The Sinner if you’re looking at more serious things. Funny, I would say New Girl and The League or How I Met Your Mother are my favorites. We also love Atlanta. My all-time favorite is probably Breaking Bad. And of course, Star Wars Rebels! Ah, just so many! (How much time do you have!?)

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I always say if I could have any power in the world it would be to keep any creatures from running into the road at night. Then I can drive comfortably and also roadkill makes me sad.

Roadkill makes us sad too, Kacie. It was great to iMeet you this week. Good luck with that caffeine on wheels biz of yours. We will keep our eyes peeled for you as you serve up that java all over town!