Laura Webber is a Personal Trainer and instructor at Seva Fitness in Paducah. This dynamic women loves to cook, bike, garden and walk her dogs on the many trails of Kentucky. She’s known for her random outbursts of singing and the best workout music ever! iMeet this fitness badass!

Welcome to iMeet Laura - so let’s here your life story…

I was born and raised here in Paducah. My mom was a working, single mom when I was little, so I spent a lot of time with my Granny. She was the best! She took me for hot fudge sundaes after school every day and let me eat so many Oreos I got sick, and fed me boiled hot dogs with ketchup.

She also let me watch MTV and listen to any music I wanted, which included my favorite rock star, Billy Idol.

I moved into the Heath school district when my mom married my wonderful step-dad, who later adopted me. Dad taught me how to play softball and I became his shadow.  I was on the roof with him, under the house with him, and he always played ball with me after work. I just remember being outside a lot when I was little.


I played softball for over 10 years and also was the third baseman for the Lady Pirates softball team for 3 years.  

We heard you have a great husband and some furry friends too...

I have been married for a little over three years to Scott Webber. He is a pretty cool guy. - very supportive and a great husband. He is that strong, silent type. I am pretty sure I embarrass him at least once a day with my random outbursts of singing or the weird things that come flying out of my mouth.  He pushes me to be better, and he is definitely my Lobster.

I love dogs  SO MUCH. My favorite things in life are music, dogs, and exercise. I have three dogs (Houston, Murfee, and Sophee.)  I also have a cat named June Carter.


How did you find yourself at your present job and what led you to this career path?

My career in fitness started about three years ago when I found Seva Fitness Academy on social media.  I was already in the process of becoming a personal trainer as part of my online degree completion. I didn’t just want to count reps and fight with other trainers for clients, I really wanted to work somewhere that being healthy was also important. I have found all that and more at Seva.

iMeetI love helping people, I love anatomy and fitness, and I love to push people to see that they are capable of so much more.  

The main influencers of my career choice were my uncle and my Granny. They both had strokes at young ages and heart problems. I was headed down a similar path until about 2012 when I decided I needed to eat better, move around and quit smoking. I just want to live while I can, as healthy as I can, for as long as I can.  

I firmly believe that you cannot live a long and healthy life without being physically active. I love my husband and family, and I want to stick around as long as possible to drive them crazy, without being dependent on them to take care of me.

You’re a very busy gal...what's a typical day like for you?

My typical day begins about 5 am -sometimes earlier.  I usually drink about a pot of coffee, as it is my fourth love. I read while I drink coffee and study, because there is always something to learn. Don’t stop learning until you are dead!

I watch my dogs attack each other until they get tired and go back to sleep, then I usually go for my first workout of the day. Sometimes it’s a class, sometimes I run - just depends on what my schedule looks like.

On Monday nights, I teach Core and Cardio at 6:30. I have private clients until about 7 pm each night except Friday when I teach a 5:45 am. and a 5:30 pm. resistance class. Come check us out!

What do you like best about your job? 

The most amazing thing about my job is watching people grow and have fun. When a client reaches a goal, completes a push-up, lifts heavier than before, or finally pulls his/her chin over the bar…I feel like I just achieved something with them.  I have been known to giggle, jump up and down, clap, and basically act a fool when someone has a break through.

I also get to listen to music all day.  I have the best music..hands down! I have been known to dance and sing while I am working out with the class. It’s just my happy time.  

How do you stay in shape without injuring yourself?  Any tips for those of us who want to get in shape?

iMeetI think the key to avoiding injury is focusing on building a fitness foundation first, and then increasing the challenge gradually. I tried to get in shape two or three time before actually succeeding, and my number one mistake was doing too much too soon.  I would get terrible muscle aches and pains and end up having to start over at square one.

I avoid injury by focusing on building strength and stability first, and then seeing if I can do a little more the next time. My body tells me if I am ready, and I had to learn to listen to it. That’s what we teach every day, and that’s how I train my clients - slow and steady wins the race!

This completely goes against my athlete mentality, but just remember; anything that promises quick results is usually a scam, and fitness is no different.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies or interests?

iMeetI love to cook. I am always looking for something new to try. I have a Facebook group that I have been working on called Seva Fuel that I post videos, pictures and recipes for our clients to try.

I also like to plant flowers and vegetables during warm months. My husband and I run and bike together.  I have a sweet TREK bike named Medusa.  - she is bad with purple lights on the wheels and everything!  

Our favorite bike ride is the Moonlight Ride in July every year supporting the Paducah Cooperative Ministries. We also like to take the dogs on the trails near Kentucky Lake. Anything outside is good with me.

Listened to any good tunes you'd like to share with us? What songs go into a great workout soundtrack?

So many tunes to pick from….a few of my favorites right now are Superposition by Young the Giant, Lemon to a Knife Fight by the Wombats, and Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness) by the Raconteurs. I also regularly listen to the Beatles and Motown hits. When I run, I listen to Rap…I am actually a big Cardi B. fan - she makes me laugh Okurrrtttttt? I love all music. You can’t make me pick!

If you were a famous athlete, who would you be and why?

I would definitely be Patrick Mahomes, with the Kansas City Chiefs. That guy is always having a good time, he is always laughing and smiling.  And, he has sweet dance moves - I like to think we have that in common.


Tell us something about yourself that few people know?

iMeetI can read minds and I have a photographic memory. Maybe I can’t read minds, but I am very intuitive.  I have this strange knack for people and it has helped me be successful in many environments.

I was also painfully shy all throughout school, you couldn’t get me to stand up in front of the class if you paid me. Now, I still get a little nervous, the difference is I just don’t care what others think as much as I used to. Life gets better once we learn not to take everything so seriously, especially ourselves.

Wow, Laura, Now we know a lot more about you. Thanks for playing on iList this week we wish you every success with your Personal Training business - I still think you’re a Badass!