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2018 has been another great year for our weekly blog, iMeet. We have introduced a lot of people in the Purchase Area - some new to the region and some new to their jobs. As we look back in retrospect, we invite you, our readers, to let us know if you have someone that you’d like to see featured on iMeet. We are always looking for new and interesting folks to shine a spotlight on.

Thomas and Grace Stewart are no strangers to this area, as they both grew up just outside Paducah. They met by a twist of fate at Chick-Fil-A, and they’ve been inseparable since. These newlyweds are expecting their first child next summer! They are both involved in many different artistic endeavors, including their newest business venture - Thesis Books. iMeet this inspiring, book-loving, life-living couple!

Sarah Martin is the owner of The Farmhouse of Paducah, a new store that showcases her goat’s milk products and other artists’ creations. As well as being the mother of seven children and caring for two foster children, she is a detective for the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department! iMeet this busy, talented local woman who is already finished with her Christmas shopping!

Joseph Alessi is a trombonist and a principal for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. He will be a guest performer in the upcoming PSO concert on November 10. Alessi will be the first guest trombonist for the PSO since its inception. This trombone wonder likes to play golf, although he admits he could use some lessons. iMeet this amazingly talented musician who will change your tune about trombones.

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