The Paducah Independent Scholastic chess tournament will take place Saturday, January 26, at Paducah Tilghman High School (PTHS). This competition is one of the final rated chess tournaments of the chess season which runs from October into February. United States Chess Federation (USCF) membership is required to compete and memberships need to be obtained online at

There are Top 10 prizes for individuals and Top 4 prizes for teams. A team is classified as two or more players from the same school building or homeschool group, from anywhere (Kentucky, other states, or other countries). Players can be any age from Kindergarten to grade 12.


Chess sets will be provided for all games. Timing clocks are limited, so please bring your own if you have them. Participants in all sections are strongly encouraged to notate every game they play.

Tom Knight,  Chess coach for PTHS and President of West Kentucky Chess L.L.C., explained the notation process. “Having to notate means the players have to record all the moves they and their opponents make each game they play,” he told me. “That record allows for tournament officials to review and determine outcomes to challenges -it’s extremely helpful. It’s also the best practice of any competitive chess player, so they can study their games and get better.”


Players must complete the Team Excel form on the West Kentucky Chess web page to register for this event. This form needs to be completed and emailed to Coach Knight without modifying the format, for individuals or complete team rosters from various buildings.

Team submissions need to be emailed by Wednesday January 23, individual and team registration changes can be completed by Friday, January 25, 6 pm. Early registration entry fee is $10 per player, paid at the door during check-in. Make checks payable to Paducah Tilghman High School, memo: Chess. Late registration/entry fee of $20 at the door.

Doors Open at Front Entrance 7:45 am. On site registration ends at 8:30 am and there will be a players meeting at 8:45 am. Round 1 begins at 9 am with other rounds starting as soon as possible.


Rounds will be played as follows: K-12 4-5 rounds G/45;d5. K-8 4-5 rounds G/45;d5. K-5 4-5 rounds G/30;d5. K-3 4-5 rounds G/30;d5.

Winning is a big deal! Individual prizes will be awarded to K-12 top 10 overall, K-8 top 10 overall, K-5 top 10 overall, and K-3 top 10 overall. Team prizes are awarded to top four teams in each division, Please note that teams must have a minimum of two players from the same school to qualify for team awards. 


If you have questions regarding the tournament, or would like to volunteer at the event please contact Coach Knight at 270.933.8228 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..