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Every year in March the Irish (and Irish at heart) celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick. What began as a religious feast day has since evolved into a celebration of Irish culture, dancing, singing, food ― and a whole lot of shamrocks, leprechauns, and green beer. This Paducah event is jumping on the bandwagon to help you celebrate safely – and build a home for Habitat for Humanity. iPlay with green beer!

Chess is a happening thing in Paducah. The 2018-2019 chess season has been going on since October and continues into February. Paducah Public Schools has active chess teams in almost every location and will host their season tournament on January 26 at Paducah Tilghman HS. Paducah is also hosting the Quad A Regional Team Tournament on February 23. iPlay and strategize with chess!

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