Repair Affair is a year-long program where teams of volunteers help low-income homeowners in need with critical maintenance. The program was started by Sharon Poat, the Executive Director of the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors. This year the program will be helping more than 20 low-income homeowners throughout Paducah.

Veterans, the elderly & low-income homeowners

May 19 is the kick-off day and work will start projects on houses in Paducah from 9am -12pm. The Alliance advertises and notifies low income households, veterans and elderly homeowners across the city of available services. The organization has been providing this valuable help for the past nine years.

“We usually have one of two service days a year,” explained Stacy Beesley, Construction Coordinator. “During the summer several local churches send volunteers to help. Any volunteer is welcome - skilled or unskilled. We may be working on a new roof, weather proofing, a disability ramp for accessibility or repairing wiring or windows.”

“If you can’t make it on the 19th, or want to organize your own group, please contact us,”said Beesley. “Anyone can help with any skill level - we’ll find something valuable for you to do!”

Come lend a hand

There is a place for folks with no special construction skills. And, of course, they could use the help of some skilled professionals as well: particularly roofers, carpenters, and anyone with strong drywall experience. There is also a bit of work to be done before and after the main work day.

Repair Affair program is funded by grants, local banks, Rotary, government programs and civic organizations. “If houses require skilled labor we contract out the work,” explained Beesley, who is serving through the AmeriCorps program (Corporation for National & Community Service). 

Register at breakfast!

Registration begins at 8:30am on May 19th at Fountain Avenue United Methodist Church, 300 Fountain Avenue. Breakfast will be served starting at 8 am. The church is hosting a regular free breakfast that morning at 8am. Grab a bite and sign in!

Sign up to help now by calling Stacy Beesley - Construction Coordinator at 270.205.5080 or Sharon Poat - Construction Manager/Supervisor at 270.556.0826. You can also email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visiting their website. Signing up now helps organizers plan for the day.

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Midtown Alliance of Neighbors

The City of Paducah is committed to revitalizing its older neighborhoods and transforming them back to the grandeur the community once enjoyed. Lower Town was the first undertaking of this effort and the community has embraced its great success. The Midtwon Alliance of Neighbors was formed as a part of the City's second major revitalization program in the Fountain Avenue area.

The Fountain Avenue housing stock contains a large variety of structures ranging from shotgun style, less than 1,000 square foot homes to larger, 4,000 plus square foot, eclectic, Victorian style homes. There’s something for every potential homeowner.

The goal is to restore the neighborhood back to a mixed-income, economically diverse neighborhood similar in character to what it was in the early 1900’s. Location and amenities are some of the key selling points in the neighborhood.

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