Paducah Beer Werks (PBW) is proud to present the return of Slipshod on June 30. PBW is located at 301 North 4th Street in Paducah, Slipshod will be working with Leonard the Band to raise money for Project Hope. The band TV Sisters will also be appearing at the show. There will be a $7 cover charge at the door with 100% of the door money given to Project Hope Humane Society. Now that’s a good reason to party!

“The #1 reason to come to this show is to help out Project Hope Humane Society,” Ronnie McCoy of Slipshod told me. “Any other reason isn't as important as that one, but for anyone that may be familiar with what we did when we were together the first time, (back in the late 90s), it may be cool for them to see us play these songs again. And of course, Leonard The Band is an extremely talented group. Brian, their lead singer, actually approached me with the idea of the benefit show. Any credit really goes to him.”


PBW is a bar and restaurant, however the band will be playing on their stage area and access is limited to 21 and older. For more information about this show, visit Facebook.

Can’t make the show but want to make a donation? Project Hope accepts credit or debit card donations via Paypal.


Slipshod were a band in 1998 and 1999 consisting of Jerry Davis on vocals and guitar, Cory Greene on bass and Ronnie McCoy on drums. They were known for their Punk Rock vibe. They formed after they left other bands or previous bands had broken up. Just prior to Slipshod Jerry and Cory came from a band called Room 27 (Jerry on Drums and Cory on bass) and Ronnie came from a band called Incredible Vegetables where he was the bass player.

Project Hope

Opened in 1997, Project Hope Humane Society strives to temporarily home animals in an environment as natural as possible. Their mission is to provide quality care for our animals daily until they find their forever home. They are located in Metropolis, Illinois, and open Tuesday-Saturday 1 pm - 5 pm.


Want to donate on a regular schedule? They can set up automatic monthly withdraws from your checking or savings account. To set up recurring donations, please contact them via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you would like to donate to Project Hope by cash or check, please drop by in person or mail all personal or business donations by check to:

Project Hope Humane Society
P.O. Box 125
1698 W. 10th Street
Metropolis, IL 62960

Volunteers needed and welcomed!

Have time to give instead? Volunteers are always welcome at Project Hope. They have a variety of roles in which you can help. Tasks at the shelter include: cleaning, walking dogs, petting and brushing cats, feeding animals, mowing, helping with laundry, and assisting with transporting animals (to and from PetSmart and the veterinarian).


Volunteers can help with social media, advertising, graphic and website design, participate in fundraising and grant writing, create content for our newsletter, participate in monthly meetings, and help create and run new programs.

Visit for more information.