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The Benton Women’s Club is holding their Holiday Tour of Homes and Holiday Craft Bazaar this weekend. Four beautiful and historic homes throughout Marshall County will be opening for tours. You can also shop at their craft bazaar with items made by the women of the BWC. iSupport visiting historic homes to help this charitable organization.

The Paducah Kiwanis Club hosts their 80th Annual Charity Christmas Auction on December 4 - just in time to wrap up your Christmas shopping! This is their largest fundraiser of the year for the organization. 100% of the funds raised will go back into the community to serve local children and promote education. Holiday auctions for education funding – a great reason why iSupport this event!

Western Kentucky has many families struggling with and affected by cancer. Thankfully we live in a community that fights together – we’re not afraid to offer a helping hand to those who need it. One local event is committed to helping current cancer patients and supporting cancer research. iSupport Stomping Towards the Cure: Dancing Around Broadway!

Do you love Christmas? Are you a person who just beams when you see beautifully decorated trees and homes? Then we have the perfect event for you! Local Paducah surgeon, Dr. Daniel Howard, is holding his 3rd Annual Open House on November 17 & 18 to raise money for the Dr. Lisa Lasher Women’s Services Fund. iSupport a home filled with Christmas spirit.

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