Archery is a huge sport and growing in popularity across the US. Since 2006 there has been a Pro/Am Championship held each summer in Metropolis. Fifteen years ago a second tournament was added, the Superman Classic. In 2016 the Scholastic 3-D Archery Association began hosting its National Championship there as well.

The Scholastic 3-D Archery National Championship will take place June 22 and conclude on June 24. Participation in this national competition has more than doubled since year one. Students from across the country must qualify to participate in the Championship. Cash prizes and college scholarships will be given to the top young archers in over 20 different categories.

Following the S-3DA tournament the Superman Classic will take place June 25 - 27. What started 15 years ago as a small tournament sponsored by what is now known as the Greater Metropolis CVB, The City of Metropolis, and Illinois Department of Natural Resources has grown substantially over the years. The intent of this tournament was to extend the stays of the archers coming in to shoot the Pro/Am Championship.

Due to the lush over-growth found at Mermet Lake Fish & Wildlife area and the top professionalism of the staff, this tournament has become a “must shoot” for archers across the country. Another reason for the growth is the growth in prize money. The total payout for over 20 classes this year will be over $20,000. All archers are welcome to shoot this tournament; no membership to any association is required.

The finale of the 10-day event is the Mathews-ASA Pro/Am Championships. Since 2006 this tournament has been bringing the best of the best to compete in Southern Illinois. Not only has this tournament increased to over 2000 participants, but the vendor area has grown significantly as well.

“When the event began there were only a handful of vendors at the event, but in 2017 over 70 vendors were in attendance,” stated Chris McGinness, Site Superintendent for the Mermet Lake Fish & Wildlife area. Participants do have to be members of ASA to compete

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