Sarah Martin is the owner of The Farmhouse of Paducah, a new store that showcases her goat’s milk products and other artists’ creations. As well as being the mother of seven children and caring for two foster children, she is a detective for the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department! iMeet this busy, talented local woman who is already finished with her Christmas shopping!

Welcome to iMeet, Sarah. Tell us about yourself and your family...

iMeetI am married with seven children and two foster children. Six of them are under the age of 12 and three are adults with children of their own which makes me a granny! I grew up in Cadiz and graduated from Trigg County High School. I met my husband Rick in Cadiz. He is now a retired police officer from Cadiz Police Department.

I worked for Trigg County EMS for 13 years while I pursued my education, an ABD Doctorate in Marriage Counseling. I worked in Graves County as a deaf interpreter while in college. I was a youth minister for three years at Cornerstone Church in Paducah and the Campus Minister at Mid Continent College for three years.

After finishing school, I joined the Sheriff’s Department in Trigg County. I was hired by McCracken County Sheriff’s Department in 2010 where I work as a detective. I specialize in Special Victim cases. What makes me happy is helping people whether it is with my products or through my job at MCSO. I love to help people and bring hope into their life.

iMeetWe hear you love animals...

I have lots of animals as I have a small farm that consists of dogs, cats, goats, ducks, bees, chickens, and sometimes pigs. At one point we had 80 pigs but we sold them because they multiply way too quickly! We will probably raise more this next summer. Having a farm is a lot of work.

Tell us about your new business, The Farmhouse of Paducah ...

I went into the soap making business about three years ago. I had goats that we milked which got me started making goat’s milk soap - this is how it all began. Soap led to new products such as lotions, scrubs, perfume, bath bombs, cosmetic, and cleaners. I am very passionate about providing a good, natural product to my customers.

The business took off so I decided to purchase the old Choat’s Building on Kentucky Avenue in Paducah. The Farmhouse is home to over 40 artisans. It is my desire to help other local crafters to pursue their dreams. The Farmhouse provides a place for people to sell their handmade items. We have home décor, baby gifts, cleaning products, pet products, handmade cards, jewelry and so much more.


You’re passionate about goat's milk products...tell us why?

I began making my own products because my son struggles with eczema. I have spent a lot of time researching how to make products to help my son. The products most people use really damage their skin more than they help. My products help promote healthy skin. Goat’s milk has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, helps dry and sensitive skin, and reduces wrinkles. It's known to help those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis as it assists with balancing the PH levels of your skin. It’s also an exfoliant.

iMeetWhat is the best part of owning your own business?

The best part of owning a store is meeting the customers. I love to help educate people on proper skin care. I also love creating new products. I have people often ask me to make things for them and that is how my product line expands.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Free time? What’s that? I don’t have free time! I work 40 hours a week at my job and then after work I make products. My children love to help me make stuff or put labels things. They are my biggest salesmen - they’re always selling stuff to their teachers! I also love to sew, paint, bake, and plant flowers. I just love to create stuff. 

When I do have free time, I spend it with my family. I love to teach my children to be creative too. One thing my kids will never say about me is that I am lazy. I am always on the go. People ask me often how do I do it all…the answer is only with help from Jesus.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

All my Christmas shopping was done in November - I am a getting-it-done kind of gal! When you have nine children to shop for you get it done early.


What are your plans for Christmas this year?

iMeetI have a very close family. We get together often and for every holiday. Christmas Eve all my siblings go to my mother’s house in Cadiz. Then on Christmas day we stay at home with our younger children. It is important for me to instill in my children the importance of family.

Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?

I love to read and think it’s a very important skill. I encourage my children to read as it is a great way to encourage imagination. However, I rarely have time to read, and if I do start a book, I cannot put it down. I am guilty of watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

Wow Sarah, you’re one busy lady! We wish you success with your job and new business. Thank you for sharing your story with our iList readers this week.