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iLove the Arts

HERstory Quilts – A Celebration of Strong Women is the brainchild of Susanne M. Jones. HERstory celebrates the amazing things that women everywhere have accomplished since 1920 when women were given the right to vote in the United States. All work in the special quilt exhibit are original designs that fit a portrait orientation measuring 24 inches wide and 30 inches long.

The quilts feature Suffragists - Women who fought for women to receive the vote; Strong Women - Women who did something that was a first for humankind or for women; Groups - Women who worked together for a common goal, and; Personal Heroes - A relative or individual admired by the artist.

iLove the Arts

The Special Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts debuted at Houston Quilt Market in October-November, 2017, and will be traveling until 2019. The exhibit will be on display beginning December 7, 2018 and ending April 9, 2019, at The National Quilt Museum.

Organizers have a created a  240-page book to go along with the exhibit, HERstory Quilts – A Celebration of Strong Women. Each quilt highlighted in the book has a description of the woman being portrayed including a brief historical summary of what made her famous. There is also a description of the artist, why she chose the woman to be honored, and what methods were used in the fiber art work she created.

iLove the Arts

Creator Suzanne M. Jones

Jones’ grandmother taught her to sew when she was about five years old. In 2010, in preparation for retirement from teaching elementary school, she began to quilt. She thought that she would be a traditional quilter and was surprised and delighted to discover her inner fiber artist. Skills learned from a lifetime of needlework have come into play and she is enjoying combining them in her art.

Her art work is highly textured and very realistic. She uses a wide variety of fabrics in order to create the textural matches to the original item that she’s making.