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iLove It

Mothers are notorious for running. Whether it be running errands, running after the kids, or running in general, mothers are always on the go. This strength is the backbone of the ninth annual Mercy Health Paducah Iron Mom Half Marathon and Relay which will take place on Saturday, May 11. iLove running for a reason before Mother’s Day.

Child Watch is throwing a party and you’re invited to “Sing Your Heart Out”! At this new fundraiser, you can support your favorite karaoke group when they sing to raise money, or just sit back and enjoy the show. It's non-stop Karaoke with local celebrities and open mic slots auctioned off to the highest bidder. Entertaining my friends in public for a great cause…iLove it!

This is the 5th year for a fun, festive Egg Hunt with a beautiful twist – it raises money to help cancer patients “Look Good & Feel Better”. It’s all happening the front lawn of the Carson Center April 15, where participants will hunt for extra special eggs, containing popular beauty products! Snagging free beauty swag and making cancer patients smile – iLove It!

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