Kevin Dowdy is a Life Insurance Agent at WoodmenLife. He’s been married to his wife, Cathy, for three decades. This family man loves to cook and build things  - just from an image in his head. His biggest pet peeve is procrastination, so what are we waiting for? iMeet this outdoor lover who can help you plan for your future!

Thank you for being our iMeet this week, Kevin. Tell us about yourself and about your job at WoodmenLife...

iMeetI’m a Life Insurance agent at WoodmenLife in Mayfield. I’m able to help people plan for their future, especially those who didn’t think they couldn't afford a a policy, or thought they were medically unable to get one. Its great to get people in a position so that they don’t feel like a burden to their loved ones in their passing.

I went to Mayfield High School. I left senior year to take care of my family. I was able to get my G.E.D and attend college where I received a diploma in computers and Graphic Design.

I have worked many different jobs - most at the same time! Everything from management to a  dishwasher, cook, data programmer, auditor, merchandiser, assembler, and telemarketer…whatever I needed to do at that time.

Tell us about your family...

iMeetI am married to Cathy Dowdy we have been together for 30 years. We have one son Matthew and a grand baby Carson. We also helped raise a five-year-old girl, Lia, while her mom went to school. We don't care for her as much since her mom now has a full-time job and she has girl cousins to play with  - but she is still a big part of our lives.

I hear you are an animal lover...tell us about some of your pets over the years…

Currently, we don’t have any pets -  unless you count an opossum which keeps away the field mice away. I love spending time in the woods walking or hunting.

Over the years I have had several pets including a dog named Bandit and one named Patty - both were rescued from near death in terrible living conditions. We have also cared for many cats.  Two that come to mind are Callie and Precious. Some just showed up at our home or as “drop-offs” which we took in. We also had a coon one time that's mother was killed and no one could get it to eat.


What do you think makes you successful?

I really like routine and one of the main things I do is to try and maintain my daily schedule. I also make a point to solve any problems as soon as they arise, because my biggest pet peeve is procrastination. l think you should laugh as much as possible and do something nice for someone each day..

iMeetWhat do you like to do in your free time?

I really enjoy is spending time with family. I also enjoy cooking - not just following a recipe, but knowing how to put ingredients together without instructions. An example of this would be biscuits, or cornbread - even gravy. I have a pantry I built and I keep it well stocked. This allows me to create my own recipes by knowing what taste will go with what food.

Sometimes I make dishes that are called “scwe” pronounced skewee my wife's name is Cathy and it stands for “Stuff Cathy won't eat”!

Tell us something unique about yourself...

Very few people know I can draw, along with the fact that I can build things by picturing them in my head. I have built security closets they appear to be a closet but they have wheels and can move into the room and the back of it is a hidden safe for, food etc.

I have also built sheds and a clubhouse. I even designed and help build a small house for my niece. I haven't had any formal training but I enjoyed the challenge and teaching her how to do the task at hand.

Many more people know me since I have become a life insurance agent. They can see that I enjoy putting other people's need above mine.

What kind of music do you like?

iMeetI listen to various types of music mainly non radio music artist such as Jason Isbell, Levon Helms, and Cody Jinks.

Are you ready for spring?

Spring is great! One of the things we like to do is to take the kids to Maggie's Jungle Golf  - not just ours, but their cousins and my niece and nephew's kids. Its a great way to let them experience being around animals.

Thanks for being our iMeet this week, Kevin.  We wish you success with your career at WoodmanLife.