Beyond A Book

Saturday, February 23, 2019 - to

Yeiser Art Center

We are rapidly entering a digital culture where knowledge, story and the bulk of human record is no longer dependent on the physical printed book. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t carry around a small magical screen that answers most questions instantly. It will be interesting to see how the very word book will change. Today both the book as a structure and the book as a story are still pretty happily married. However, culture inevitably molds new definitions of words. The word book is bound to change. It is changing now. The book is remarkably fertile ground for amazing new work. With the book comes any idea imaginable. With the book comes a structure that can be crafted from wood, found objects, cloth, ceramic, paper, and leather. Books can be sculpture, pages can be reimagined, old books can be transformed. With the book comes intimacy, secrets, spaces, moments, new worlds, old worlds, even smells. The book is both a piece of art to be viewed, like a painting on the wall, and an object to be held, like a favorite mug.

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